Workshops and Groups

“Menopause is not a medical condition, it is an earthquake, shaking us to our deepest foundations, wiping our the edifices we’ve so carefully constructed on what we once imagined to be the solid ground of our life” Sharon Blackie

For some it may be a huge shockwave, others a tremor, but for all that experience it, menopause is in some way a shift or transition which won’t accept being ignored. It can affect our sense of identity, impact our moods and our relationships and leave us feeling lost and isolated. This group is a for anyone experiencing peri/menopause to explore what all this means for them, whilst giving and receiving support as part of the process. It is an opportunity to understand more about how you feel as you go through this transition, without needing to do so alone.

The group will be limited in number and run in six week blocks – this will allow the group a deeper level of connectedness and openness. The time will be split between exercises which will get you thinking about some of the themes you may like to work on and space for sharing and supporting.

If you think the group would be helpful but have concerns about the cost element then please do get in touch. I want the group to be accessible for all those that would benefit from it and so am running it on a “pay what you can” basis.