How I Work

In general I believe that my role is to empower clients to accept, manage or change their situations through helping them to understand their lives and who they are within them. People usually come to counselling when they are in crisis but I think counselling can also be used when things are calmer – both to prevent further crisis and to work on issues which aren’t possible when our days consist of just trying to survive.

People often think that counselling is a ‘one size fits all’ kind of a deal but actually everyone responds differently to various types of counselling. Because of this I draw on several counselling theories and techniques depending on what suits the individual client. Specifically I use Humanistic, CBT, Solution-focused and Gestalt philosophy and tools.

Aside from the more traditional counselling set up I also offer creative counselling to those who are interested in it. Some people can find talking about things painful, or not even be able to find the words to do so, and creative counselling can be another way of exploring whatever has brought them to counselling.

I love nature and the outdoors and am trained to offer outdoor therapy. This can be “walk and talk” style or using nature more proactively as part of the work we do. I have found that working outside can offer a different experience for clients – particularly those who find the idea of working indoors too intense – and many clients have found it an extremely helpful way of working.