Young People

I have been counselling young people for over 7 years and, as well as private practice, work for a charity that counsels young people from 14-25 years old. Because of this I have a huge amount of experience working with issues and concerns that face young people today.

With mounting pressures both academically and socially, it is important for me to be able to offer them a safe space to be able to come and talk about whatever is on their minds. The sessions are confidential – which means that parents or carers won’t have updates or information about what is discussed in the sessions – but (as with any clients) serious concerns about harm to self or someone else may mean information needs to be shared outside of the room.

Whilst some young people are comfortable with the more traditional face to face style of counselling I have found that others find it difficult to have so much focus on them. It can also be hard for some young people to be able to explain in words what is going on for them. Therefore I offer – to those that are interested – a more creative approach using drawing, cards, figures and activities to explore and better understand their world and experiences.