Why I Believe in Counselling

We quite often get stuck in the narrative of what is going on for us that we can’t see a way to make a change, cope or even merely to see a different perspective. The phrase ‘Can’t see the woods for the trees’ springs to mind. Counselling is a way to get those thoughts and feelings unstuck and processed, to help make things clearer but not having to do it alone.

You can talk openly without having to censor yourself depending on who you are talking to. This is because you are talking to somebody who doesn’t have an agenda in the outcome or knowing that what you might tell them could have an impact on them or your relationship.

Counselling is about taking time to care for yourself. Self care can be particularly hard when you are feeling low or have a lot going on and so even an hour a week can make a difference.

Working through issues can be difficult at times but, when things do get hard, counselling can provide you with coping strategies that can help you to stay safe and move forward.